Kanoelani Elementary School

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Health Room Reminders

Parents will be called to pick up your child from school if the student has a fever of 100+ degrees.
Pediculosis/Head Lice (Uku) Policy: Any student referred to the health room and found to have crawlers will be sent home to have the hair treated and cleaned. It is expected that students with ukus or eggs will be treated and cleaned on the same day and will return to school on the very next school day. Upon the child's return to school, we require a parent(s) to accompany their child to the health room to obtain clearance from our school health aide. The creation of this policy was developed to reduce the spread of head lice in our school community. More information about ukus may be obtained through our school health aide or our public health nurse.
Medication: Children are not allowed to bring any medication to school. This includes any over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription pills, syrups, creams, drops, vitamins, etc. Emergency medication- EpiPens, glucagon, and emergency inhalers- that need to be taken during the school day need to be accompanied by a Form SH-36A, which is available in the Health Room.