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| August 4: Students First Day of School |

Kindergarten Registration

When enrolling your child, please bring your child's:
  1. Birth certificate
  2. Proof of residence (examples: current utility bill, current rental agreement, or purchase contract),
  3. TB clearance (i.e. skin test or x-ray done prior to August 6, 2021),
  4. Completed Health Record Form 14 and Physical Exam completed within a year.
    • If your child attends preschool, then your Health Record Form 14 should be up to date if immunizations were given accordingly. Please check with your doctor for updates.
We highly encourage and appreciate it if you enroll your child early. This is because it is at this time of year that the number of teachers are allocated to our school for the next school year, so the more accurate count of students we have, the more accurate our teacher allocation for next year will be. This one way we try to keep our class sizes as small as possible.
Please share this information with your neighbors if you know they have a child who may be of age to begin next school year. Call the office at 307-3800 if you need help assembling the required information.