Kanoelani Elementary School

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Learn More. Care More. Be More.
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About Us » Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Kanoelani is an innovative community of leaders, risk takers and warm-hearted citizens who empower the best in each other.


We the community of Kanoelani, strive to:
   -Foster the growth of developing the whole child
   -Collaborate to set and achieve goals
   -Provide a dynamic environment to maximize students' potential
   -Promote empathy and respect towards others

Core Values

1. We care for ourselves.
2. We care for others.
3. We care for our place.
4. We care for learning.


1. Everyone can learn.
2. A school must be a place with heart.
3. Developing the whole child is the chief priority of the school.
4. Learning is a lifelong process for success.
5. Clear goals and high expectations for student achievement should guide the development of the curriculum and the design of instructional strategies and learning activities.
6. All members of the school community share in the responsibility for providing a supportive learning environment within our school.

Kanoelani Elementary's Alma Mater

Composed by Kumu Kalani Hiapo