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ELL » Useful Websites

Useful Websites

  1. http://kindersay.com - Learn how to pronounce the letter of the alphabet and a variety of words. Each word has a picture, the word written below it, and you can listen to how to pronounce the word.
  2. http://www.englishactivities.net - Learn numbers, colors, names of things such as fruits and vegetables, even play games while learning English.
  3. http://www.funenglishgames.com/grammargames.html - Learn English grammar while playing interactive games. Some areas that are covered are: punctuation, sentence structure, prefixes and suffixes, and many more.
  4. http://www.anglomaniacy.pl/grammar.htm - Similar to the website above. This sit has information explaining when to use certain types of words, such as possessives.
  5. http://www.englishspeak.com/english-lessons.cfm - Practice listening and speaking in a conversational format.
  6. http://www.freeenglishnow.com - Learn how to speak in English. You listen then repeat what the person says.
  7. http://www.eslgold.com/ - Lessons on developing listening, speaking, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and writing in English. The writing section is slightly difficult.
  8. http://www.e-learningforkids.org/ - Information for children on math, science, health, environment, and life skills. Leveled by grades.
  9. http://kids.nationalgeographic.com - Information on geography, animals, and other science topics.
  10. http://learnersdictionary.com/ - Online dictionary that gives the definition, part(s) of speech, and even says (speaks) the entry word so you can hear how to pronounce words.