March 12, 2019

Spring Break is next week! The third quarter has been absolutely "incredible" and I am so proud to share out what's been happening. The new year has been flying by and like superheroes, our staff and students have been learning more and caring more than ever.
First off, let's celebrate our overall FIRST PLACE win at the recent Math Olympiad! Alexander Apio and Kou Hirohata also took home the first place trophy for the Rubix Cube Challenge and the Flash Round respectively. I hear the Math Olympiad team went above and beyond by spending extra hours completing math work at home. Kudos to our team and advisors Mrs. An and Ms. Kang.
(parent of Vy and Andy Tran)
Another huge leap forward for our school are students stepping up to take the lead. I want to recognize Mrs. Tran, parent of Vy Tran, who has been working hard on her own time to follow the dreams of her child. Five students from Ms. Powell's class in grade 5 came up with the idea to work on Lemonade Alley. The kids and parents have been working hard to create an original recipe and they will be selling it at Lemonade Alley on April 20 at Pearlridge -all proceeds will be donated to our school. This student-driven project is helping them work on math, oral communication (they have to do a commercial and perform a song and dance in front of a live audience), graphic design and interviewing skills. Not only is it a real world application but also it is entirely created and led students! Mahalo to the team who are following their passions and extending the learning beyond the school day.
Vy Tran, Rhylie Marques, Kaylie Anne Kasik, Naomi Manmano
One more example of student-led learning is the group of students who just came to my office, took a brave breath and presented their pitch to work with Kokua Foundation. They will start an entire recycling program at our school! This includes bins in all classrooms to help recycle with the primary focus on saving our Corals! The project-based learning that initiated this idea was a focus on how to combat coral bleaching. An amazing pitch from Jenna Liang, Ian Kawamura, and Brennan Nagamine who all had to take a brave breath before walking into my office.
Finally, we just met with Hawthorne CAT (the bulldozer, forklift company) because they wanted to begin a partnership with us. This year along we have been blessed with over $10,000 in monetary contributions from our awesome business partners. Bottom line is, there is a lot going on in the realm of growth, leadership, and passion at Kanoelani for both student AND adults and I can't wait to see what the fourth quarter has in store for us all!