April 2, 2020

Dear Kanoelani Families –

Hi everyone, sharing some new information today. Our efforts from our school team have been centered around three guiding principals: UPS – like a delivery system, Unity, Patience, and Serenity and we are using that as a reminder for ourselves personally as well. 

Unity – thank you for working so well with your child’s teacher who should already be in contact with you. Stay connected as we move forward.

Patience - We are in this together – you are not alone.  Teachers are trying new things and grade levels may look a bit different due to age appropriateness.  Do what you can to help at home but don’t feel like you have to do it all. 

Serenity – Stay calm.  We will now transition from enrichment activities to next week a focus more on essential skills. Per contract negotiations, teachers cannot grade work moving forward but they do want to provide work that is essential to the grade level. We will have online learning and packets printed.  The information will be on the same concepts but will look different. Please know you do NOT have to do both. Also, even if your child is working online, feel free to come next Monday to pick up a packet if you want. Packet handout will be every Monday from 10-12 in our school parking lot.  

We cannot foresee what is to come in May but our goal is to have students continue to practice what they know and build on that with these essential skills. As a reminder – if you need to get in touch with the administration for any reason, you can call or text Mr. Blomberg at 341-2006 or email us through the school website.

Until I talk to you again, UPS – Unity, Patience, Serenity.