April 24, 2020

Aloha Students and Families of Kanoelani,

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits as we cope with this COVID-19 virus pandemic.  Late last Friday State Superintendent, Dr. Kishimoto announced the continuation of distance learning/packets through the rest of the school year which ends on May 28, 2020.  Though our buildings and campus remains closed, learning will continue.

You should’ve received your child’s 3rd quarter report card in the mail.  Your child’s year grade will be determined on their performance on all standards they have learned so far.  All teachers and staff continue to work diligently to provide enrichment opportunities for our students.  Our staff will continue to check in with your child(ren) as the school year progresses.

Please remember to check our school website and Instagram account regularly.  Join us there to see some cool school updates.  We will also continue to send out voicemail blasts with updates and new information.  If you haven’t been receiving the phone messages or if we don’t have your updated phone number or address; please call the office at (808) 307-3800 or email us through our school website. 

Beginning next Monday, and every Monday after that, we will begin handing out K registration packets.  This is ONLY for incoming K students.  If you need one or know someone who needs to register for Kindergarten for the next school year, please stay in your car and come to pick up a registration packet from 10-12 on any Monday.  If you need one mailed to you because you cannot come during that time, please contact our front office.  We will not be working on registration for all other grade levels just yet.  

On another note – we need to identify all the families either not returning to Kanoelani Elementary next year or for sixth graders, those not planning to attend Highlands intermediate.  Your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you next week to find out if you plan to return.  Feel free to reach out and share that information.

Finally - We are aware that our families are going through a lot of strain.  If your child is in need of assistance socially or emotionally please call and let us know, or notify your teacher, as our counselors are available for consultation. 

Our school plans to send home school supplies and yearbooks right after the school year officially ends.  More information to come.  Please stay healthy and safe.  We will get through this together.  Remember to stay united, stay patient have serenity during this challenging time.

Enjoy your weekend.