September 10, 2021

Thanks so much for your continued support and patience with each other, the staff, and yourselves during these trying times. You are doing an amazing job abiding by all school procedures and keeping our campus as healthy and safe as possible. We are incredibly committed to going above and beyond every single day to continue to ensure your child is safe physically and emotionally. Our faculty and staff have truly stepped up: doing jobs out of the norm, taking extra steps like screening every student, and reminding students constantly about our Wash Up, Arms Up, and Mask Up strategies. 
I strongly believe that with our hearts and spirits in the right place, we CAN and will get through this one day at a time. With our WE > ME mentality, we must lean on each other, communicate regularly, and stand together in unity.
Our dedication to developing the whole child will not waver. We are excited to get students involved in activities such as JPO, Chronicle, and Student Ambassadors and look forward to other ways we can raise student voices and allow them to find their path through this difficult time. Through articulation we allow kids to experience music, coding/computer science, and even a new career exploration class. This year, we strive to have every student build a professional resume before leaving us in sixth grade while exploring possible career/college choices.
So despite the challenges in front of us, Kanoelani remains steadfast in our commitment and resolve to help develop every child into a compassionate leader who can set goals and monitor their own growth. 
Please take some time to stop and breathe. Without taking brave breaths myself on a regular basis, I don't know how I would survive. Take care of yourself FIRST! There's a reason that on plane when the oxygen mask drops they say to put yours on first before helping others. Stay balanced in every way possible and if you need an ear, call any of our staff members for help!