October 6, 2021

Without a doubt, everyone needs a break right about now and we've all earned one! What a tremendous job we have done as a collective community through this pandemic. I can't bucket fill our staff enough, nor can I commend YOU, parents and families for the efforts we did to keep everyone as safe as possible. 
To shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes I want to share our efforts to ensure a quality education while maintaining CDC and DOH guidelines:
  1. SAFETY- We nearly doubled our staff in the cafeteria to allow for distancing while taking off masks.
  2. STAFFING- We increased and shifted personnel to match the specific needs of students who were either struggling or in need of more supports emotionally.
  3. ACADEMIC SUPPORTS - PERSONAL GOAL SETTING (to address learning loss/acceleration)- We are currently working with each child/class on setting personal academic goals that students/staff track to progress monitor growth for every individual child.
  4. SOCIAL EMOTIONAL SUPPORTS- Our teachers have made Choose Love and social, emotional learning a top priority at our school daily. In addition, our counselors have revised the guidance curriculum to increase peer interaction, teach coping skills, and design new playgroups based on student needs.
  5. STUDENT LEADERSHIP - FUN!- Our student extracurricular activities are slowly being reintroduced with a focus on safety first while balancing the needs to shore up student voices and created student leaders.
Amazing efforts and kudos to every single member of our Kanoelani Community for stepping up in some of the toughest times of our lives. We are living and breathing our mantra- WE > ME!!!! Enjoy your break- you deserve it!!!