November 24, 2021

Hello Kanoelani Families,
A big mahalo goes out to all of our families as we continue to work towards a more "normal" school experience for our students. We appreciate your patience and hard work in supporting our health protocols at home and at school. The students have shared that they are really enjoying this in-person school year compared to last year, and we will continue to work hard on our health protocols so that Kanoelani can remain safe.
Our students did a wonderful job participating in our student council-sponsored spirit week, and it was great to see so many children embracing the experience and dressing up. We will continue to offer opportunities for our children to grow in both academics and their social-emotional learning in class and are working towards offering more opportunities for after-school activities this school year.
We plan to bring back our Rainbow Fun Day at the end of December! This event, which will be modified for our health protocols, allows students to have fun activities and games to play with their class to celebrate their academic and behavioral progress. 
I want to close by thanking students, parents, staff, and community members for the continued support to care for Kanoelani Elementary School. Our collective care and hard work are what make Kanoelani a special place.